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A Few Reasons To Wash Your Car

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You likely have a significant amount of money wrapped up in your vehicle. it does not matter if you are paying off the car right now or if you have already paid it off, you still need to maintain the car. It is a tragedy to see a car that has not been washed in a long time. Washing a car should be part of a maintenance plan, but unfortunately washing a car is not on the forefront of everyone's mind. You may be wondering what are some of the benefits of keeping a washed car. This article will just cover a few of the reasons that you should go to a car wash on a regular basis:

Simply Looks Better

If you are going on a date then you take the time to look your very best. It feels good to take a shower and get cleaned up for a date with your significant other. You should treat your car like you were going on a date. it just feels good to have a clean car that sparkles and shines when the sun reflects off the paint. If you have not washed your car in a little while, you should try it and see if it makes you feel better. 

Save Your Paint

There is no doubt that the paint of your car is what is keeping the metal of your car from rusting right into the ground. Metal will rust if it is exposed to oxygen, where water and salt act as a catalyst for this reaction. So, you want to make your paint last as long as possible. The truth is that debris of any kind, dirt or bugs, is that they retain water next to the paint. The water can start to cause major problems for the paint. If the dirt or the bugs are touched in any way then they can actually scratch the pain. Worse case scenario is that the bugs become attached to the paint and start to chip away at the paint. Wash your car off as soon as you can. 

Fuel Efficiency 

Although the effect can be minimal it is true that you will get better fuel efficiency with a waxed clean car. This is because the drag on the car is much smaller. Once again, the effect may be minimal but when it comes right down to it, you will save money on gas mileage.