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3 Of The Biggest Mistakes New Car Wash Entrepreneurs Make During Startup

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Before you jump into a car washing business head first, make sure you really do take the time to know what you are getting into. In a business where competition is steep and prices can be volatile, it is not always easy to make it and be successful. Here are three costly mistakes to avoid when you are just starting out in the auto detailing business. 

1. Assuming that this is a business you can easily run from home. Car washes and auto detailing services can sometimes operate from a private residence and do just fine, but the ones that do make it usually have a private lot with plenty of parking space for customers. Keep in mind that there are often zoning restrictions that will not allow you to operate an auto detailing business in specific neighborhoods or locations and wastewater runoff can also be a major concern environmentally. Therefore, even though you are just starting out, it will be best to find a commercial area that will be able to handle your business needs. 

2. Not researching to find the best industrial pressure washers. If there is one piece of equipment that will be the most valuable in your auto cleaning and detailing business, it will be the industrial pressure washer that you buy. You will have to have the right features to ensure you can get the jobs you take on handled in a way that will please your customers. Some of the best features to look for in an industrial pressure washer include accessibility to additional extensions and accessories, durability in design, and a wide range of pressure options.  Check out retailers like Canuck Industrial Sales steam cleaners to see what they recommend.

3. Underestimating the costs involved in your new business. So you have invested in an incredible industrial pressure washer and you have the perfect location ready to lease. Now it is all about coming up with a business model where pricing is concerned. It is definitely important to remain competitive with other professionals in the area, but you do have to be really careful when you are just starting out. There are a lot of unexpected costs that may have to be figured into your overall expense and revenue at the end of every month, including

  • the costs of business insurance, which can be higher when you are just starting out,
  • massive water bills and supply charges, and
  • expenses for marketing to get your name out on the street.

Starting a car wash can be a lucrative way to make a living if you watch what you are doing. Just be sure to do your homework in the beginning, talk to other car wash and auto detailing professionals, and put the time into ensuring that your business gets off to the right start so you can avoid these costly mistakes.